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Content Marketing: The Perfect Recipe for Startup Growth

Content Marketing: The Perfect Recipe for Startup Growth

Is your startup leveraging the power of content marketing as a strategy for growth?

If yes, then you are part of the 89% that do, according to WP Curve’s survey. On the other hand, if you answered no, then now is the time to start.

Without further ado, let’s find out why you have to implement a content marketing strategy as soon as possible:

1. Both entry and ongoing costs are low

Perhaps the best thing about content marketing is that the overall costs are actually low, even lower than that of a traditional press release.

With a PR, you’ll have to spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars just to give your startup the publicity it so badly needs.

The worse part is, it is likely to get unnoticed, not to mention the distribution isn’t really well-executed.

low costs

Meanwhile, with content marketing, you’d only be spending less for the possibility of even better and wider coverage.

By creating informative content that can capture the attention of your audience, you’ll be able to gain the publicity you need for your startup, especially when you have them published on well-known sites.

2. Your SEO efforts can be significantly affected

Content marketing will no doubt play a major role in improving your overall ranking in the search engine results pages, particularly in Google (content is king after all).

Needless to say, Google loves fresh and unique content, and it will give more priority to it over those that aren’t.

Aside from that, while Google’s algorithm has massively changed these past few years, backlinks will still remain an integral part of your ranking.

Therefore, by creating relevant and valuable content, you’ll have a better chance of generating links once people start linking directly to your startup page.

3. It also influences your other strategies

Your SEO strategy isn’t the only one that can be directly influenced by content marketing. In fact, several other marketing strategies can be affected as well.

Here are a few examples:

  • Want to create a newsletter to get prospects to sign up to your mailing list? Content has got you covered!

  • Aiming to gain exposure and following on social media? Sharing your posts can be really helpful.
    social media exposure
  • Want to gain the favor of influencers? Giving them a quick mention in your content can help capture their attention.

Basically, content can be considered as the core of most strategies that aim to drive traffic, and sales, to your startup page.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing will play a vital role in your startup’s growth.

Aside from its effectiveness, it’s relatively inexpensive, scalable, and has the potential for providing “evergreen” information.

When it comes to content marketing, ArticleMarket is here to help.

With ready-made articles that are written, reviewed, and finalized by skilled and experienced editors, you can give your startup a competitive edge at a fraction of the cost.

April Ann Quiñones


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